Spiritually Raw “The Ass Whipping Truth”

Where skeptics meet spirits and consciousness connects!

We expose and explore controversial truths, myths, theories, and religious dogma surrounding the spirit world. NO topic is TABOO! Special guests range from psychic mediums to Catholic priests and everyone in between.  
Be prepared for a cataclysmic collision of energies.

Our rapid success is a result of our expression of tolerance, peace, and enlightenment among all belief systems and races around the world. Spiritually Raw intends to bridge the gap between believers and non-believers in an environment to share their differences as well as their similarities.

Spiritually Raw is a philosophy of acceptance, peace,
and tolerance for all humanity.

Together we'll turn the universal key to global harmony
and create a unified world.

About the Hosts

AJAY MATTA : Born into Eastern philosophies and raised with western ideologies, provides the perfect appealing cocktail for blending both worlds. He is an extremely evolved soul, blessed with a witty personality that simply captivates the audience. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth entertainment and enlightenment.

APRIL MATTA:   Don't be fooled by her sweet smile and charisma; she's a sharp, witty Italian who calls it as she sees it. Her female perspective and enlightened sense of humor tie the dynamic duo together.

TESTIMONIALS: See what others have to say!

Hello...Jay and April, I want you to know that I have done over 250 radio interviews and yours was the best I ever did! You are truly- truth seekers and treated me with respect and openness. If a person knows their subject they do well on your show and to those who don't, well your audience can quickly see this... If we view GOD as a cosmic puzzle, we all have a few pieces; I just assembled a major section... GOD BLESS and I look forward to being a guest on your show again.
Pastor Harry Walther

Dear Ajay and April, Thank you for the opportunity to present a point in time that remains for most people a mystery, for some a myth, and for others a plain disbelieve.  Your guiding questions on this topic aided in maintaining relevance and did not allow distractions to occur. This helped the show to flow incredibly smooth and without fault.  Anyone under such pressure can do with such professionalism. Your show added a voice to a mysterious era/time. For the "spiritually raw" this topic and the many others you handle on a daily basis are necessary for spiritual growth and openness.  This has certainly enhanced the visibility of my two books, title:  The Kingdom of Saguenay:  The Twelve Tribes (Book 1) and The Kingdom of Saguenay:  The Garden of Edom (Book 2), which contributed to the better understanding of the era/time covered in these books. 
Thank you for your openness and time,
Léchané E. Piek

Dear April and Ajay, Thank you for inviting me to participate as a guest and as a commentator on your show. I love the work that you are doing to bring more light into the world. You're bold questioning and genuine curiosity causes listeners to really open their minds and think about their beliefs. So many of us go through life believing what we have been told to believe, without really discerning how those beliefs resonate with our inner truth. In essence, you give listeners the opportunity to discover their own truth and find the freedom that comes with living in the authenticity of who they really are, no longer bullied by painful and outdated beliefs that keep them spiritually captive. Thank you for providing a space for me to share my truth.
Victoria M. Reynolds
Author of “Transcending Fear: The Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment”

Dear April and Ajay,
Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed being a featured guest on Spiritually Raw TV; you guys are terrific interviewers; thoughtful, bright and funny. I have a strong belief that the way we show up in life is directly proportional to the presence of those around us. Your presence made it easy for me to show up and give you the best of what I've got to offer...and for that, I thank you!
Dr. Steve Taubman

Author of “ UnHypnosis: How to Wake Up, Start Over, and Create the Life You're Meant to Live”

Wow!!! What an awesome and exciting experience I had being on Spiritually Raw!  Ajay and April are the most gracious, open-minded individuals I have ever encountered.  I love the show because it allows all forms of opinions and beliefs.  In addition, each segment challenges you and causes you to open your minds to other people's perspectives.  Ajay and April are truly fulfilling their destinies by engaging in what they are passionate and gifted at doing.
Damon Nailer

Thank you Ajay and April for the opportunity to present my message as a guest speaker on Spiritually Raw TV; you are expert hosts and make it a fun experience . I commend you for creating a space where anyone with a message, regardless of their background or belief, no matter how controversial the topic, can speak their truth. Spiritually Raw is an important link in the shift toward a world that thrives in a spirit of cooperation, peace and harmony.
Les Schmidt
Author of “ The Truth, Finding Your Own Truth

It was an absolute pleasure being on Spiritually Raw. The hosts actually gave me the time to answer their questions and listened. The type of dialogue that Spiritually Raw provides between opposing views perhaps can help more people understand that individually we may have our differences, but we are all still human beings. Thank you to Spiritually Raw for giving me the opportunity to express my views and giving their listeners the chance to hear them and to hear an engaging conversation. We do not have to respect each other's ideas, beliefs, and convictions, but we should, at a minimum, respect each other as human beings. Spiritually Raw's hosts met those criteria!
Blair Scott  
Communications Director, 
American Atheists, Inc.

I enjoyed talking with April and Ajay on Spiritually Raw frank, positive conversation about sex.  Such conversations can change the world, one orgasm at a time.
Charla Hathaway Intimacy Coach, Author and Speaker

Spiritually Raw is fast and furious, with lots of expert commenter's waiting to pounce if you slip up - so make sure you know your material.  This is not a show-format I have had much experience with, but the show is a delight to be on and I imagine very interesting for the listener too.  Thanks to April and the team for a thoroughly entertaining show.
Ralph Ellis Author, King Jesus of Kam to Camelot