SPIRITUALLY RAW TV: GOD, IT’S NOT WORKING! Up until Vincent Genna was 17-years-old, he experienced daily rituals of being chased, beat-up, shoved in lockers, thrown in dumpsters, his head flushed in toilets, spat on, peed on, ejaculated on in the boys gym, emotionally humiliated and if that’s not enough…his mother’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder caused her to give him weekly enemas to clean his insides out! As a result, he suffered from excruciating mega-bowel and irritable bowel syndrome until age of 35. Vincent did not escape the trauma of sexual abuse either, which became the climax to his story; from age nine until thirteen, his male cousin sexually abused him; and of course, this part would not be complete without including the times one of our beloved parish priests divinely made use of his young penis, while he was endeavoring to be a good Italian Altar Boy”. Vincent transcended a youth of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and torment and dedicates all his talents to inspire you to see your magnificence and believe in yourself, so you can use all your Divine gifts to fulfill your dreams and create the life you want! His 29 years of experiences as a performer, metaphysician, and psychotherapist, along with his intuitive abilities, the wisdom gained from the dying, and his all-loving, non-judgmental approach make Vincent a highly effective enlightened messenger, a dynamic speaker, and an internationally acclaimed and beloved spiritual teacher, intuitive, and inspirational counselor. Vincent’s gifts and authenticity has allowed him to inspire and help change the lives of thousands of people around the world. Vincent is the author of “GOD IT’S NOT WORKING”

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